Property search

Have you been London property searching with little or no success or are you encountering a great deal of frustration and dead ends?
Do you work during the day and thus find viewings very time consuming, or are you based outside London or the UK and find viewing very inconvenient particularly if agents are trying to show you properties they want to sell or rent rather than properties that you want to purchase or rent.

Home-Search, the independent property search agent specialising in finding your dream property in London, Cambridge and Berlin.
Home-Search offers a professional and totally discrete service.
You can benefit from our 30 years of experience within the property market.
Fed up of being sent inappropriate properties or being told that the specification you desire is not achievable?
Home-Search will listen to all your requirements.
We are independent and are not aligned to any agency, so we can access the entire market, helping you to find your dream property.
If you are looking for a family home in London, Home-Search will take a detailed list of your ideals – location, proximity to work, schooling, public transport or and preferred style of property.

Home-Search will then make an in-depth appraisal of any suitable properties – finding the their full property history, when it has been sold and for how much and details of any work that has been carried out on the property.
Maybe you are looking for require a family home in the country with enough land for horses.
As well as looking at the property itself, Home-Search will also look at the surrounding area – checking for any nearby planned building developments that may affect you.
Or perhaps you are looking for seeking a contemporary penthouse with panoramic views over London. We will check flight paths, busy roads and future plans for the area, so your enjoyment is assured.
Home-Search can help you.

We will listen and use our 30 years of experience together with our team of professional searchers to locate your dream home.
Our 30 years of experience means that you can benefit from our excellent agent and private landlord contacts;. we can gain access to many properties before they are shown on the open market.
Many of the properties we acquire for clients have never made it into the estate agent’s window, Home-Search will do the leg work.
We preview all properties in advance that meet your specifications, we will tell you all the good features of each property, as well as the not-so- good ones. We will save you valuable time and money.
Home-Search will video every property that is viewed but will select only those that match your requirements (with an odd wild card thrown in!)
You can view these videos at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home and choose the ones you would like to add to your short-listed accompanied viewing day.

Our searches are almost always self-funding due to the purchase discounts we are able to negotiate on your behalf.
Home-Search will accompany you to view the properties that are of real interest.
Your valuable time will not be wasted viewing properties that do not match the details on the agent’s brochures. Frustration and stress will be reduced.
You can concentrate on choosing the property that you fall in love with.
So let Home-Search provide the answers to your buying requirements.
Home-Search will do the hard work and will find your missing piece.